We are often asked, “What does the Forster Ranch Education Foundation do and why do we need a foundation in addition to PTA?”

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What is the Forster Ranch Education Foundation?

The Forster Ranch Education Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation focused on raising funds for Truman Benedict Elementary and Bernice Ayer Middle Schools. With our non-profit status, the by-laws for the foundation allow for greater flexibility and future planning. As with PTA, the Foundation is made up of parent volunteers who are passionate about enhancing our children’s education. The Foundation works together with the PTA and the Principals of each school to asses major shortfalls in the school’s budget and the needs of the facilities and the students. It helps provide programs and items that would otherwise go unfunded. It helps to provide for the best possible education for our children. The Foundation is a special and unique way to raise funds for our school. The Forster Ranch Education Foundation has a five person board that votes. A formal grant process is in place to identify the program or items needed. Teachers submit grants to the board with supporting information. The grant is voted on and requires a majority vote to pass. Once the grant is voted on, the item is funded or denied.

Why have a Foundation?

With increased class sizes and dramatic budget cuts we must come together as parents and as a community to insure that our children’s education does not suffer. Support for the PTA/PTSA is critical for maintaining programs they provide, yet a foundation will be able to target specific programs outside their bylaws. The foundation partnering with PTA/PTSA will provide more opportunities for our students.

How does the Foundation raise funds?

The foundation is seeking pledges from our community and families. The foundation offers different Pledge Tiers and plans on seeking sponsors for our upcoming events. We will be seeking business in the community as benefactors in addition to pledges from the community and family members. Our generous donors will be acknowledged on our web site. In addition to pledges, we have planned events to further our goals. Our goal is to have each school identify their needs and determine which needs can be met based on the success of our fund raising. Right now we are working closely with the administrators and the staff of each school to determine our specific goals.

What did the Forster Ranch Education Foundation Fund this year so far?

The Forster Ranch Education Foundation worked closely with the Principals to identify the 2010/2011 targeted needs. Thus far the Foundation has raised over $25,000 and has granted the following items:
• New Computer/Technology Lab, Grades K-5 (with PTA)
• Dell (mobile) Netbook Lab , Grades 6-8

Who should support the Foundation?

All parents, family members, community members and businesses who care about the education of children.
We invite you to join us!

What’s in our future?

We look forward to building and supporting science and technology for both schools. In addition, we can provide instructional aides for the classroom such as a technology technician to assist with the needs of the labs, teachers, students, and programs.