Open House/Job Fair

Join us on Thursday, May 26th
VIP Room at the San Clemente Outlets
Beverages and Appetizers will be served

Learn how volunteering can make a difference in your child’s educational experience.
All Positions Available for the 2016-17 school year

Positions Available for the 2016-17 school year include:
President- Directs and presides over all quarterly meetings, delegates and oversees all activities and/or fundraising events, liaison between TBES and BAMs.

Vice- President- Assists President at meetings, events and takes on additional duties as assigned by the President.

Secretary- Records and keeps minutes of all meetings of the board, takes on additional duties as assigned by the President.

Treasurer- Custodian of all funds of the Foundation, keeps track of all incoming and outgoing payments, supplies monthly and quarterly income statements, responsible for working closely with Science Camp boosters and reconciling bank statements for both Boosters and the Foundation on a monthly basis, and takes on any additional duties as assigned by the President.

The Forster Ranch Education Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation focused on raising funds for Truman Benedict Elementary and Bernice Ayer Middle Schools. With our non-profit status, the by-laws for the foundation allow for greater flexibility and future planning.
As with PTA, the Foundation is made up of parent volunteers who are passionate about enhancing our children’s education. The Foundation works together with the PTA and the Principals of each school to asses major shortfalls in the school’s budget and the needs of the facilities and the students.

It helps provide programs and items that would otherwise go unfunded. It helps to provide for the best possible education for our children. The Foundation is a special and unique way to raise funds for our school. The Forster Ranch Education Foundation has a five person board that votes.

FREF, The Forster Ranch Education Foundation, is committed to enhancing the curriculum for every student at Truman Benedict and Bernice Ayer. As such, we need donations from generous parents and individuals in order to ensure the strength of our program.

In the past five years, FREF has raised over $140,000 through various fundraising events, such as raffles, live and silent auctions, and pledge drives. It provides teachers with essential classroom supplies and professional development. It also gives our students the opportunity to attend educational functions, such as National Spelling Bees and Science Camp.

FREF has provided cutting edge technology to both schools, including lab computers, Dell Notebooks, laptops, and computer desks. Two years ago, we funded Smartboards for Truman Benedict and media equipment for Bernice Ayer. This past year we were able to give $10,800 to Bernice Ayer for a Chromebook cart, provide upgraded radios to all Truman Benedict teachers for better communication in the event of an emergency, and pay for literacy and math workshops for First Grade Teachers to improve student productivity while delivering differentiated instruction to small groups and one-on-one.

Without FREF, our schools would have gone without these enrichment activities and technology. Continued support from FREF will help to ensure that our children receive the best education and enrichment tools available to prepare them for the future.